Watsonville, California


Two days after my vehicular accident last Oct 20, 1997, I began to feel weird and started acting strange. Uve experienced pain in my lower back, neck, shoulders and legs. These pains were accompanied by severe headaches. I had to take pain killer pills to ease the excruciating pains and aches. My family noticed the changes in my mood. I became irritable, short tempered and very moody person was completely a different person. But it all changed after DR. Richard C. Nohrden treated me with physical therapy. The therapy helped me a lot. The pains in my body were gone and my moods were back to normal. I would like to thank DR. Richard C. Nohrden for treating me so well. I would recommend everybody to go to DR. Richard C. Nohrden for therapy. Thank you once again DR. Richard.
- Leticia G.

On August .30, 1999, we were rear-ended while we were at a stoplight. After a couple days, my two Sons, Austin & Joshua, and I were suffering back, neck, legs, and arm pain due to car accident. We decided to seek professional treatment. We made an appointment with Dr. Nohrden chiropractic for consultation and treatment. During a period of three months of therapy, he used different kinds of therapy equipment such as, Back massage, neck massager, and pain stimulator. In addition, He also adjusted my misaligned spinal bone. He also used special technique to massage my two sons to relief their back pain. After the three months period of therapy we are all feeling better especially my two sons they were so happy about the treatment they had received from the Doctor and ail his staff they were friendly, professionally and very satisfactory fob. Again, a million thanks for the treatment and good service. Job well done!!!
- Adrian, Austin & Joshua

Right after the accident on October 19, 1999, I was in shock because it was the first accident I had ever been involved in. I did not feel any pain in my back or neck at first. After about a day, it became apparent to me that something was wrong with my neck and back. When I came to Dr. Nohrden's office, he examined my back though x-ray and then proceeded to explain why I was feeling tenderness, pain when moving, and general discomfort with my back and neck. He explained that my car accident caused the first stages of subluxation, and that only routine adjustment would prevent any further injuries. Therefore, for the next four months I was helped by Dr. Nohrden and his staff. Dr. Nohrden was very compassionate, down-to-earth, knowledgeable and concerned with my recovery. After steadily getting treatment from Nohrden Chiropractic for four months, my back and neck feel so much better and I am back to doing all the activities my injury once restricted me from doing. Overall, my healing process was a helpful, educational, and fun experience thanks to Dr. Nohrden and everyone at Nohrden Chiropractic.
- Cheryl B. P.